Andrew Wrobel: A Conversation with a Reinventionist Mentor

Andrew Wrobel, a reinventionist, adviser, and coach, whose passion for fostering innovation led him to become a mentor at Labena Ventures. With a diverse background spanning digital transformation, technology, and sustainability, Andrew brings a wealth of experience to our accelerator programme. In this interview, we delve into Andrew's motivations, experiences, and insights as a mentor.

Inspiration and Aspirations
Andrew’s journey into mentoring at Labena Ventures is fueled by a deep interest in developing innovative health solutions. While he humbly disclaims being another Bryan Johnson, Andrew is captivated by the potential of innovative solutions to enhance our lives, health, and overall well-being. His involvement in various initiatives, from mentoring medtech start-ups with the United Nations and the International Telecommunications Union, to hosting Healthcare Hackers podcasts, showcases a commitment to health-related innovation. Beyond borders, Andrew’s engagement with EIT Health InnoStarts and the Global Mentorship Initiative in Sierra Leone exemplifies a global perspective on nurturing health tech entrepreneurship.
Insights and Skills
His journey began over a decade ago with the establishment of a data-driven and social-impact management advisory. His knack for connecting the dots, building networks, and navigating disruptions has proven invaluable. As a reinventionist, he aids organizations and individuals in anticipating and overcoming disruptions while leveraging his extensive media-related experience.
Mentoring Approaches
Andrew’s mentoring methodology revolves around active listening. Acknowledging that he may not know enough about a start-up to propose specific solutions, he prioritizes asking relevant questions, encouraging reflection, and offering support when needed. By fostering an open and sharing atmosphere, he not only guides start-ups but also finds himself constantly learning, a lot!
Cultivating Success
When asked what are some essential qualities of a successful start-up founder, Andrew answered that they include openness, active listening, and reflective thinking. Cultivating curiosity and acknowledging the possibility of incomplete perspectives are essential. By emphasizing these traits, he believes he contributes to the development of future leaders within the start-up ecosystem.
Diversity and Inclusion
Andrew passionately advocates for diversity and inclusion, emphasizing their relevance and indispensability for organizational success. Drawing from the experience at Emerging Europe, where diversity is celebrated, Andrew sees the multitude of perspectives and experiences as a catalyst for creativity and problem-solving. He suggests that inclusion should be highlighted early in acceleration programmes, fostering an environment that celebrates differences.

Andrew Wrobel will truly guide the next generation of health tech entrepreneurs with his multifaceted approach, combining mentorship, global experiences, and a commitment to diversity. And we can’t wait to see this advocate for innovation-driven growth, in action.