Apiotix Technologies: A Vanguard in the Battle Against Antibiotic Resistance

In a world where antibiotic resistance – ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO) amongst the top 10 threats to global health – threatens to undermine decades of medical advancements, Apiotix Technologies emerges as a beacon of hope, particularly in the realm of veterinary medicine. Founded by professionals deeply entrenched in both human and veterinary medical fields, Apiotix is set on a mission to counteract the serious issue of antibiotic resistance stemming from 70-80% of overall antibiotic use in veterinary applications.

Figure 1: The Apiotix Team – Pioneers in addressing antibiotic resistance – Apiotix team in front of the Centre for Dairy Science, University of Nottingham – from left to right: Vlado, Jelena, Božo

Mastitis in dairy cows exemplifies the urgency of the situation. This condition is the primary reason for antibiotic administration in adult dairy cows, with 65-85% of antibiotics used either in treatment or prevention of mastitis. Astonishingly, however, only 30-50% of clinical mastitis instances truly benefit from such interventions. Apiotix’s founders recognised this glaring inefficiency and saw an opportunity to make a significant impact.

Their solution? ApiMast – A product harnessing the natural wonders of propolis extract, renowned for its potent efficacy against Gram-positive bacteria, particularly prevalent mastitis pathogens. But Apiotix went a step further. By developing a formulation suitable for intramammary use without resorting to alcohol or aggressive chemicals, they ensured the broadest application of their solution. Moreover, the diverse set of active ingredients in propolis, which operate via multiple antibacterial mechanisms, significantly reduce the risk of resistance development. Apiotix has secured the patent in all relevant dairy markets: EU, US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, China, EA, Japan, New Zealand.

Figure 2: ApiSeal – An innovative version of the ApiMast product.

The journey of creating ApiMast wasn’t devoid of challenges. Rigorous research, clinical trials on dairy cows and goats, and unwavering commitment were necessary to validate its efficacy against a range of resistant microorganisms. But the results spoke volumes. ApiMast emerged not just as a solution for mastitis but as a broader tool against antibiotic resistance.

Figure 3: ApiMast in action during a field trial.

Apiotix’s collaboration with the Labena Ventures corporate accelerator program further refined their trajectory, bringing them into contact with a plethora of nearby biotech companies and facilitating exchanges with industry veterans. Such interactions underscored three major learnings for the team: the irreplaceable value of hands-on involvement in research, the importance of clear documentation for intellectual property, and the need for a long-haul, patient attitude in the startup journey.

Figure 4: Honeybees – The source of the potent propolis extract.

For Apiotix, the journey has been both arduous and rewarding. Their advice for fellow startups is crystalline: “Dedicate yourself fully, travel the world if necessary, and always come prepared.” Reading the fine print in contracts, they stress, can never be overemphasized.

As Apiotix Technologies continues to break new ground, they extend an invitation to all to join them on this transformative journey. To explore their pioneering work, visit https://apiotix.io/ or reach out directly at jelena@apiotix.eu.