Celebrating Innovation at the Demo Day of Labena Ventures Accelerator in Malta

The Pinnacle of Healthcare Innovation

As the sun sets over the stunning Maltese landscape, Labena Ventures Accelerator culminated its 2023 cohort journey with an electrifying Demo Day during the Med Tech World 2023 conference. It wasn’t just another event; it was a celebration of innovation, a testament to the power of technology backed by ground-breaking science in revolutionizing healthcare.

A Showcase of Pioneering Startups

The 2023 Labena Ventures accelerator cohort, with its diverse mix of 11 startups, has been at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery and solutions. From DNA research to telemedicine, these startups are not just dreaming of a better future; they are creating it. And at the heart of this transformative journey was the Demo Day, where these bright minds pitched their groundbreaking solutions to a captivated audience of investors and industry experts.

Winners That Stood Out

The highlight of the event was the announcement of the winners. Synergotron from Croatia clinched the first prize with its Hybrid Plasma Technology, a testament to the blend of scientific excellence and market acumen. Sharing the second spot were Apiotix Technologies from Croatia and FilamenTech from Serbia/USA, each having developed unique solutions to address world’s pressing healthcare challenges.

Figure 1: First prize winner: start-up Synergotron

A Glimpse into the Future

The Demo Day event that was held during the Med-Tech World conference, held in Malta, offered more than merely an opportunity for self-promotion stratups and their pitches Amongst others, the exclusive Investors Dinner and well-positioned Labena Ventures exhibitor booth offered the opportunity for startups to showcase their products at booths to thousands of attendees provided unparalleled networking and growth opportunities. It was a chance to engage, interact, and envision collaborations that could shape the future of healthcare.

Celebrating Success and Innovation

We have captured some of the most vibrant moments from the event in Malta. These images not only reflect the success of the Demo Day but also the spirit of innovation that Labena Ventures Accelerator champions.

A Cohort of Game-Changers

Each startup in this cohort has been carefully selected for their potential to disrupt the healthcare sector.

Synergotron: Leading with Hybrid Plasma Technology, combining scientific excellence and market insight.
Apiotix Technologies: R&D in natural antimicrobial alternatives to reduce antibiotic use.
FilamenTech Inc.: Reshaping heart disease drug discovery with innovative solutions.
Anbiome Life Science: Developing bioactive compounds for cancer therapy side effects management.
CAPTEC Medical: Combatting metastasis and purifying blood with its tumor cell capture technology.
CyberMedico Clinic: Democratizing healthcare through telemedicine and live monitoring.
eDoktor: Fostering workplace well-being with mental health and general practitioner support.
Perun Lab: Stepping into the future of DNA research with its portable DNA amplification machine.
Infinity Diagnostics: Merging AI and ML with genetic testing for precision medicine.
Innovation Dooel: Introducing ViewECG for real-time, long-term heart monitoring.
International Pet Advice Ltd.: The Vetzy app, a stress-free solution for pet consultations.

Looking Ahead

As we close the chapter on this year’s Demo Day, we’re already looking forward to what the future holds. The success of this event is not just a milestone for the startups but a beacon of hope and inspiration for the entire healthcare innovation community. Labena Ventures Accelerator remains committed to being a catalyst in this ever-evolving sector, driving impactful solutions to real-world health challenges.

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