Innovation Dooel: Redefining Cardiac Care with ViewECG

The journey of breakthrough innovation often begins with a simple observation. For the founders of Innovation Dooel, it was the challenge of creating real-time software for wearable ECG sensors to monitor heart conditions that sparked their mission.

Figure 1: The visionary team behind Innovation Dooel

In a world where timely intervention can make all the difference, especially in cardiac care, the team observed an unmet need and saw opportunity. And so the ‘ViewECG’ – a product designed to detect and alert dangerous arrhythmias in patients from the comfort of their homes – was born. This non-invasive solution has the potential to revolutionise cardiac care by preventing severe heart damage and offering an alternative to implantable loop recorders.

Figure 2: The groundbreaking ViewECG device by Innovation Dooel

Since its inception, Innovation Dooel has garnered significant recognition. The product has been awarded the CE mark certification as a medical device, a testament to its efficacy and safety. Their innovation has not only achieved traction but has also reached a point where it can sustain the production expenses.

The feedback from the medical community speaks volumes about the product’s impact. Dr. Lidija Poposka, from the Clinic of Cardiology, lauds the device for its efficiency in creating clinical reports remotely. Dr. Alain Pilorget, an Intensive Care specialist, urges cardiologists worldwide to recognize its advantages. Simon Beniston from MediBioSense praises the cutting-edge ‘ViewECG’ analysis software, deeming it – due to its capabilities – a leader in in this segment.

Innovation Dooel’s commitment to excellence has been recognized with two seals of excellence by Horizon 2020 for outstanding project proposals, several national innovation awards, and extensive media coverage.

Yet, what truly sets them apart is their approach to healthcare. Their offering aligns with a larger industry trend; not just replacing old methods with new technology but introducing a entirely new idea of healthcare delivery.

Challenges were aplenty, from noise issues with physically active patients to finding solutions for children between 14 and 18 years of age. Yet, with resilience, they’ve adapted their solution, integrating it with other sensors and hospital information systems.

The journey with the Labena Ventures corporate accelerator program enriched their perspective, especially in understanding investor mentality. Reflecting on their start-up journey, the founders emphasize the importance of solving customer needs, investing in dedicated sales and marketing, and recognizing that the major chunk of solutions lies in disciplines beyond just technology.

Their advice to fellow entrepreneurs? “Keep pushing and never give up. There’s always more to learn.”

Today, as Innovation Dooel stands at the cusp of transforming cardiac care, their story serves as an inspiration – a testament to innovation, resilience, and the drive to make a difference.