Nurturing Innovation: A Conversation with Péter Mogyorósi, Mentor at Labena Ventures

In the dynamic world of startups, having a seasoned mentor can be the difference between flourishing and faltering. Péter Mogyorósi, a luminary in the field of innovation management, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our accelerator programme Labena Ventures. In an exclusive interview, we delved into his journey, his insights on startup challenges, and the transformative power of mentorship.

A Journey Rooted in Science and Innovation

Péter Mogyorósi’s path blends scientific expertise with entrepreneurial drive. Armed with a PhD in Physics from JATE University, Szeged, Hungary, Péter embarked on a career in research, leaving an indelible mark on laser-induced micro-fabrication of solid surfaces. His remarkable contribution earned him the Young Scientist Award of the European Material Society in 1988.

Transitioning from academia to the business realm, Péter has spent over 30 years navigating the intricate landscape of innovation management, research-industry collaborations, and technology transfer. As the CEO of LC Innoconsult since 1992, he has steered the ship through the implementation of over 60 FP7 and H2020 projects, earning him a reputation as a leading expert in the team.

A Mentor with a Global Perspective

Péter started working with startups more than ten years ago. With a robust scientific background and a keen business acumen, he has been a mentor and coach to more than 100 startups across various countries, including Hungary, North Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Italy, and Sweden.

Beyond mentoring, Péter is a co-founder and CEO of Creative Accelerator in Hungary, an active early-stage life science investor. He serves as an advisor to Commercialization Reactor in Lithuania and has been a key expert in the development of the deep-tech startup ecosystem in Izmir, Turkey.

Insights on Startup Challenges and Solutions

When asked about the common challenges startups face, Péter listed them:
1. Not responding to a real need
2. Lack of a proper team
3. Unprepared projects
4. Inadequate pitch preparation
5. Insufficient dedication
6. Financial constraints

His wealth of experience has equipped him to guide startups through these challenges, offering strategic insights, negotiation skills, and business development expertise.

Remaining at the Vanguard of Innovation

To stay current in the ever-evolving startup landscape, Péter remains actively engaged in the ecosystem. As a mentor, coach, investor, trainer, and jury member, he participates in various international startup events, covering a diverse range of countries. This multifaceted involvement ensures that he is at the forefront of the latest trends and developments.

The Transformative Power of Mentorship

According to Péter, mentorship plays a pivotal role in a startup’s journey. It provides invaluable guidance where founders may lack knowledge or experience. As a mentor, Péter is committed to nurturing the next generation of innovators, imparting not only knowledge but also a strategic mindset crucial for long-term success.


Péter Mogyorósi’s journey from the world of physics to the startup ecosystem is a testament to the seamless integration of scientific rigor and entrepreneurial spirit. His mentorship at Labena Ventures will add a crucial layer of experience and insight, creating a nurturing environment for startups to thrive in. In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, having Péter as a mentor is undoubtedly a golden opportunity for any budding entrepreneur.